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We provides computational solutions for any company, operating in automotive, naval, mechanics, aerospace, biopharma, bioengineering, manufacturing, medical and several other fields. Thanks to the development and expertise in Reduced Order Modelling techniques, HPC, AI, Machine Learning, Digital Twin and Data Science we can provide you real-time computing solutions to boost your innovation needs, reducing computational time and costs.

Real-Time Computing Solutions
for your Development

Go fast and sustainable:

Ask for FAST!

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Simulation of structural parametrisation:

Thanks to our expertise we were able to cut time and energy to simulate a complex model like a cruise ship

Time reduction: 100 times faster

Energy reduction: 80% less

Everything on a Desktop pc or a laptop


A Convolutional neural network to recognise and detect objects in a specific environment: thanks to our expertise we were able to cut time and energy to create and train a complex model

Time reduction: Over 70%

Energy reduction: Over 80%

Parameters reduction: Over 90%

How it works

Web Computational Platforms

We are developing two platforms to let you try the potentials
of reduced order modeling. Few easy prototype tutorials are available here.

ARGOS is the online platform for realtime scientific computing for industrial applications.


ATLAS is the online platform for realtime scientific computing in biomedical applications.

Meet the Team

FAST Computing is a SISSA - Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati - Startup born within SISSA mathLab, an applied mathematics Lab devoted to develop computational technologies. In the last years, thanks to a grant of 1.6M€ by the European Research Council, we developed AROMA-CFD project, creating many software libraries based on reduced order modelling, which represents our solution for real time simulation. In 2022 we won an ERC PoC award to develop ARGOS, a new web-platform which supplies real-time solutions available on every kind of device.


Give a look at SISSA mathLab website to see our background 

Some of our Partners


Fast Computing specializes in predictive maintenance for complex systems using statistical models, digital twins, and advanced analysis techniques like PCA, Mahalanobis Distance, and Auto-Encoder Neural Networks.


Live Demo: Simulation Speed Comparison

In the comparison slider below, you can see a glimpse of the work we do FAST Computing. The original model takes a full 5 minutes to simulate just one second, while our FAST Computing Reduced Order Model (ROM) accomplishes the same task in 0.1 second of CPU time. This remarkable 50x increase in simulation speed represents a significant advancement, with the potential to improve efficiency and save valuable time and resources across various applications.

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Are you ready to go faster towards your success?

Contact Us


Via Mazzini 20, 34121

Trieste, Italy

via Bonomea 265, 34136

Building B4, Trieste - Italy
@ SISSA - Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati


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